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You have a mediocre body, you're short and have a face fit for crime watch. You think quantity over quality and will never do anything that comes from the heart as you don't have one. You only do things as you think "it's right to do it"

Everything reminds me of you. This new girl is nothing on you. You were the best thing I ever had. I can't believe I let you go. I wish I could make it up to you and that you would take me back.

Fuck me you chat more shit than a horse pooing

Why aren't you suffering? You deserve to rot in hell

Why don't you fight for me? I don't deserve this

I've made a terrible mistake -- again.

Broke broke broken.

Oh honey just look at you. You're a total mess!

We all know why you got married to a fresh, no other option and you're gay!!

You were so so so wrong but so right too

i'm a garbage baby who belongs in the irl dumpster. please cart me off to the dump

I want you to want me again

you crave attention, you have no idea how to be alone. god help you as he is the only one who can.

You're all over here with your fake ass Kim k's whilst I'm queen bey and loving it!

It's people like you that love watching dapper laughs and having no respect for the women in your life. Pure disgusting behaviour

2 years today. Not that your selfish self would even know what

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! I have searched, googled, begged--and I still do not understand why you keep breaking!

I still genuinely believe the potential is there and there is simply no application of it. I won't be living with any regrets any more.

They soon will have your card numbered. What a dumbass

You're like a fucking plant pot. Once you've reached your capacity you replace something. You never think to increase your capacity, because that's just not you

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