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There's only so much you can keep repeating yourself and then get to the point of fuck it. Who gives a shit

I wasn't born yesterday dumbass your card is numbered

I'm not psychic. if i wasn't told, don't expect to me fucking know.

It's a shame I'm disappointed yet again

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me fucking twice, shame on me

Thank you for spreading your germs you dirty chav

Why is my manager so annoying! I hate him! He says sexual innuendos that make me want to be sick and pretends he knows it all and that we are best buds! Well he needs to get a grip man up and notice that he makes me hate my day job more then the average person would. FUCKING TOOL

There are far more other means of communication than social media. How about going back to basics

Quit playing games with my heart

Do not pretend that you are somebody.. Do you think you are tough?

Mga walang kwenta kayo!!!!

Never known anyone to be so disrespectful

How do I know if you're genuine or not?!

I fucking four letter you :(

everything you ever said was a lie, you fobbed me off the whole time. pulled the wool over my eyes. never again.

Wait til the exact same thing happens to your sister, better still your daughter. Then you'll know how it feels.

Does she know what you've been doing behind her back? Yeh, didn't think so. I ain't nobody's side chick

Urgh nothing. Nothing to do. Or think. I can't even write.

No balls, no backbone and you certainly weren't a man neither

how can one human being treat another so so badly? do you have no shame at all for what you did?

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