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that photo still makes me feel sick to my stomach and beyond. how could you do that?

Your actions have spoken louder than your words

Best friend? Best fucking friend? A best friend wouldn't do what you did and your advice is fucking shit. Bitch

All I want is someone to give me the affection and the attention you didn't have the balls to give to me. But I still miss you or rather the person I thought you were

congratulations, you ruined it yet again.

Where the hell is my miracle and blessing in disguise?

what do you want from me?

I miss seeing that little boy. Now you're gone, I miss him. I never thought that part through.

For gods sake, if you can't say it in person and mean what you say then why do you put it on Facebook? You are fake

have you seen her? the grass isn't greener

Your peen was so small anyway

Nice name, shame about the personality

predictable, that's what you are.

that pedestal you were on, yeah it's gone. completely. fucking ugly human

Punching above your weight again, silly boy will you ever learn

I'll always be the best thing you never had

Once a cheater always a cheater

I would never have wanted your child or children like you, just look at you

What a cheating scum bag hope you rot in hell!!!!!

ummmmmm okay lol

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