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hello, good moaning

Look who's lonely now

You are the scum of the earth

I see what you're doing now and it hurts, it hurts so bad. I didn't know this pain could exist while you show no emotion at all

Still so many questions unanswered. Why didn't I notice you were switched off? How long were you switched off for? Why was I blinded so much? You even slept with me, I feel so used. Why didn't I question it at the time? I fell for all of you, including your flaws. You couldn't accept who I was with my flaws.

I miss you, like mad.

So you hand me divorce papers after what I thought was an amazing time away with you. It feels like you already gave up before hand and so you've alreasy gotten over it. I'm still in pieces, the pieces you left of me. I hope you suffer and suffer you will.

You sad pathetic boy. Everyone has got your card numbered. Just remember who will be Mr lonely hahaaaaaa.

I'll be driving in my Ferrari whilst I see you still peddling on that bike of yours

I used to respect you so much and just like that it's gone in a flash. Your true colours have been shown and you are an ugly person inside and out. I wish I saw through that earlier. No one will want to be close to you ever.

Fucking cunt

You're not my problem anymore you spoilt brat.

my laundry smells like the girl I can't stop thinking about. i could spend hours in there and wish she felt the same way i do about her. but if she did, i probably wouldn't want her anymore. so i guess my moan is me. i'm the problem.

You have to know what you want, I know what I want. Do you know what you want?

You were giving me crumbs under the table when I deserve diamonds, lots and lots of diamonds

If it's broke fix it, do NOT throw it away

Dying inside slowly

Chase me already

Only you can fix this and thats what's killing me. I know what I want 150% :(

I really want to let you know I can't live without you or function properly without you but I can't :( please make the right decision please

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