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You could have kept the best, but you always settle for less.

you're doing with her what you did with me, we all know how it ends.

You look haggered, all that make up just to make you look decent

never thought I'd consider you to be one of those guys. you look so desperate darling.

You could never take responsibility for your own actions so the how the fuck could you be responsible for someone else? Prick

And now you want somebody to cure the lonely nights, you wish you had somebody that could come and make it right. But boy I ain't somebody with a lot of sympathy you'll see what goes around comes back around

You didn't have the balls to apologise for what you did, you showed absolutely no emotion when you hurt me the most and broke me. You are no way near a man. You deserve nothing but a big plate of karma

I just want closure from your ratchet self. Get out of my life once and for all.

Pretty much lost all respect for you. You were on a pedestal and now you're the dirt on my shoe

I just want you out of my life once and for all, you never deserved to have all I had to offer.

Considering you admitted you loved and cared for me you sure have showed no signs of it since what you did. How could you be so heartless?

One day you will realise that looks aren't everything especially when you have an absolutely ugly inside. There's only so much you can dress it up. Shit will stink of shit no matter how much you try to hide it

Your actions caused these consequences. The sooner you realise the better. There's no one to blame but you.

What you did to me, she will do to you, tenfold. Karma is waiting for you

I'm a little heartbroken when I see him. I wish I could see him grow up.

The cracks will soon appear once your facade is over.

You could never be a man. I look forward to the day where each girl you are ever with realises just who you are. Your curse will always be with you

She's driving me crazy. I don't know if she likes me or what. I'm putting more effort into this than she is... maybe she's playing hard to get or just doesn't give a shit. I need to know which it is!

How can you be so thick?! She swindled money out of you, not even behind your back. Seriously you're 45!!

You must really be messed up if you can't see the pain you cause the people that love you the most. Maybe you deserve to be alone

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