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this site is so fucking dead its a waste to even host it

i hate when i tring to see somthing and 5 suckers teling me how did learn english

I'm still mad we never did Weview.

Guru is a freak: $3.99 refund LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

My ex is a lying, disrespectful, selfish, self centered cunt. I hate her.

My girlfriend does my fucking head in at times. Narcissistic, frigid, boring arsehole today.

I've never encountered such an entitled moron. Why do I have the misfortune of sharing an office with you? Why me? What have I done wrong in life to deserve this? It's great that you think you're funny because, let's face it, someone has to. Please, PLEASE. Just stop talking. Just for fifteen seconds.

I hope my relationship survives after we work out our codependency issues.

I picked the wrong one.

Whilst she may think you're amazing she has no idea you were messing with me for a while when you first got with her, what goes around comes around

Lulz how stupid do you think I am? I know everything shame your new bitch doesn't, thick bitch

I miss being in love with someone who makes my blood sing

still the biggest quim i've ever come across

Ugh, usual family devide. Them and their horses, dragging me to them to help out and tell me to be enthusiastic about them. How the hell am I supposed to be when for 2 hours I deal with shovelling feces and tending to a animal that eats away at all our wages, you take some of mine just to take care of them.

So sad, feeling trapped and have had enough.

Enjoy this "new" life you have, your true colours will always come out. A leopard never changes its spots

One minute you're all I'm depressed and woe is me and then the next you're all I'm on holiday trying to make others jealous. Quit the fakeness you stupid cow, go see a dr for your split personality

Truth is I would never have given up on you, ever. Despite everything and every flaw I now see, I still saw potential. You gave up on me and us in an instant. Life sucks

No one wants to see through the clouds and rain which are usually followed by the sun. Everyone just wants disposable everything like a cheap outfit from primark. What happened to effort? You don't know what you've got til it's gone.

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