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You shouldn't be allowed to fuck with anyone ever again

Only one person can change this and make it better but your head is so far up your own arse that you can't see through your shit and selfishness

I'm so glad you blew it, it's no ones fault or mistake but yours. Wake up and smell the shit you did

your words no longer have a way with me douchebag

once a cunt always a cunt

im a king and you're just a pauper, always will be

What a waste of space

You may look a little better but you're personality is rotten to the core. You are the biggest dickhead I know

Say something I'm giving up on you

You know when you give someone the benefit of the doubt and only see the best in them despite their flaws and then they let you down time and time again and you just think. Fuck this shit. I don't deserve this anymore. Go screw with someone else

I can't believe I was fucking right. Argh!! I hate when I'm right.

only so much 'benefit of the doubt' you can give.

There's only so much you can keep repeating yourself and then get to the point of fuck it. Who gives a shit

I wasn't born yesterday dumbass your card is numbered

I'm not psychic. if i wasn't told, don't expect to me fucking know.

It's a shame I'm disappointed yet again

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me fucking twice, shame on me

Thank you for spreading your germs you dirty chav

Why is my manager so annoying! I hate him! He says sexual innuendos that make me want to be sick and pretends he knows it all and that we are best buds! Well he needs to get a grip man up and notice that he makes me hate my day job more then the average person would. FUCKING TOOL

There are far more other means of communication than social media. How about going back to basics

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