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How could you be so heartless?

stop hatin on wagner hez funny

I'm so done with being single now. All I want is to be the guy in movies and TV shows who gets the girl in the end, but it seems that's too much to ask for. I want someone who accepts me for all that I am and who I can be comfortable around. Someone who I can have fun with, laugh around, and do stupid shit with that nobody but us would ever understand. All I want is someone that I would brave an earthquake for, someone who I could put above all else, someone who I can fall in love with.

Why is my boss such a tight bastard?

I wish I could go out. Husband is out every weekend. He works hard and he needs his relaxation time he says. He's 41 - when the fuck will he grow up. I am left in every weekend with the baby sitting of our daughter (4). We are skint but he was out last night and out tonight. Utility company threatening court action because he hasn't paid the bill but he says its not just his responsibility to pay the bill. He earns three times as much as me and almost my entire wage is gone on household bills. i have notjing. no pretty clothes- no nice shoes- i used to be beautiful but now I have nothing but sore head from being told how I am just feeling sorry for myself and how he is a good husband compared to others.

you just proved what a dickhead you actually are. your number is thisclose to being removed from my phone and blocking you out of my life

I would never have wanted your child or children like you, just look at you

Those fucking postcard douchebags. I hate them so much.

I feel so underappreciated. I am your girfriend not your mother. I deserve better than this!

Maybe you should see how it is without me and then we'll see how you cope.

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