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I don't like how at the end of a semester, the lecturers give us our exams or final courseworks, then they say “Good luck with the rest of your final year!”. There's something patronising or finalising about it that I just don't like or don't see as appropriate. It's like saying goodbye but in a really lame way. Just don't say anything.

I really don't give a shit how they did it at another company, even if it was Microsoft for fuck's sake.

I Wish I Had The Body Of Someone Hot. Like Taylor Lautner. Or Zac Efron.

I just want you out of my life once and for all, you never deserved to have all I had to offer.

Sure make your own fucking plans whilst I run around for you and for your fucking bottles just before we fly out tomorrow morning even after I fucking reminded you that I'm coming for dinner. Made me look like a right fool in front of your parents. Thank you very fucking much. Possibly the most fucked up thing you've ever done.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ARRRRGHGHGHGHG

You guys are real bastards

Every single guy is a bastard!

You know what? You need to stop being such a total cunt.
You're so judgemental, and you walk around like you're so much better than everybody else, but you don't even realise you do it because you maintain you're the victim all the time. Let's save time and just make a list, shall we?

You use people. You judge people. You take things for granted. You're messy. You're lazy. You complain ALL THE TIME. You expect people to do whatever you want, but won't do things for them. You intentionally annoy people. You're a selfish fucking bitch cunt face twat hole ass tosser.

I can't wait to get away from you. I never knew you were like this, and I wish I hadn't had the opportunity to find out. And next time you want something, you can fuck right off, you piece of shit.

This isn't a competition. I got a bf, then you did. I had an iphone then you did. I had a car and yours broke. At least I can say that I am honest to myself.

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