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Stupid cow telling me to shut up, what the hell!

I just want closure from your ratchet self. Get out of my life once and for all.

I wish my flatmates could just refrain from smoking within a 1-mile-radius of the house... hell, not in the living room or their bedrooms would be nice enough!


I can't stand iPhone users! Why do they think they're movie stars because they've bought a my first smartphone?

So the evil witch mother in law from hell is going to a bonfire party tonight. She has just left looking like a pus filled geriatric Suzie Quatro. Dressed head to foot in black to match her soul, I have been asked if she “looks alright”. I said I liked her boots. I do like her boots because they look uncomfortably high and she may have a bonfire related accident when she drinks too much of her tramp juice. So yes, I like her boots very much.
I think she may have dressed to pull some unfortunate to suck the life from. To think of her whispering sweet nothings makes me want to vomit. The “romance of the century” could lead to her trapping the poor bloke into a night of passion. Ewwwwww god help him. Still in the cold light of day with the beer goggles removed and her lying like the living dead next to him – it shouldn’t last long. (cont)

Failed my driving test. AGAIN. For the 4th time. Think I'll just take the bus now.

maybe if you actually do something around the house, i wouldn't mind you living with me and hiving off me. fucking freeloader.

Dying inside slowly

When we were younger, they told us we could be anything we wanted to be. That we could do anything we wanted to do. It's funny how quickly you realise that actually this isn't the case. The time that we have to start thinking realistically comes way too soon, and often the things we want to do are almost impossible to achieve. It becomes too risky to do the things we truly want, so we find ourselves settling for second best. The lives we long for and the people we want to be don't exist outside of the movies, and there's nothing we can do about it. And I don't want that to be my life.
But a lot of the time, it doesn't seem like I have all that much of a choice.

You stupid ungrateful bitch. I am driving 100 miles to your 'hen do' in a shabby pizza express for the afternoon. Are you fucking kidding me?! and then you have the nerve to call my bf a 'loser'?! Have you seen your donkey face in the mirror? Stupid bitch. I can't wait til I never have to be forced to do shit for you. Do it yourself twat.

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