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Why do the magazines have to be moved now of all bloody times? They've been there for weeks w/o incident. It's exams week.. why NOW?

hate this weather.

cool it. b4 u regret anything.

Let's get some MORE black people on television.

I hate how the only place I feel comfortable moaning about my flatmates' behaviour is on here, anonymously, where they will never realise it is coming from me. How's that for a meta moan?

Non existent until I make an effort.

Currently sitting in the ambience of the worst smelling fart I've ever done in my life. I actually gagged. EUGHH!

You're hardly helping yourself. So before you go complaining or accusing me of anything, look in a mirror.

still the biggest quim i've ever come across

why do you have to love me so much?
and why do we have to be best friends?
i want you for the sake of having someone YOU
argh for pissing hells sake
now i feel lonely
gosh im retarded and mess things up

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