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my laundry smells like the girl I can't stop thinking about. i could spend hours in there and wish she felt the same way i do about her. but if she did, i probably wouldn't want her anymore. so i guess my moan is me. i'm the problem.

To the robin that sat on the road in front of me this morning:

Just fucking move already. I don't want to drive into you, but you're going to force that to occur if you just sit there obliviously tweeting away! This isn't a tree, it's cold tarmac!

To all the wankers blocking up the road: Fuck you, fuck you very very much. I just want to get home!!!

fuck this bull shit.

It dawned on me, sitting on the bus, that I made a huge mistake. Why did I let you go? How could I be so stupid? God what's wrong with me! I had it, and I fucked it up. And I'm pretty sure I still like you. Course I cant tell you because that would be unfair on you. Fuck I'm such a twat.
Wanted: anyone who can rewind time to around december last year.

I have *never* sponged off my parents this much. Have some respect for the people who created you. Try and learn how to get a job on your own and pay your own way for everything. You are a drain on your parents resources. I hate how you come and go as you please, leave your dirty filthy items of clothing and used dishes around the house like its a fucking hotel. Stop sleeping all day like its normal, get out and get a fucking job!! This is your home, not your uni accommodation you fuck off to usually. I wish you could see how hard it is without your parents being there for you spoon feeding you. Grow up.

How do I know if you're genuine or not?!

Just because I don't do things your "traditional" way doesn't make me less of a person. I don't want to rush things like you did, I know for a fact that that isn't a real smile. Ham it up all you want, I don't believe you when you say you're happy. I'm happy, let me get on with it.

oh noes, unfriended on fb ;( nice one bitch, lol

You're all over here with your fake ass Kim k's whilst I'm queen bey and loving it!

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