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I am trying and have been trying forever to move to London and nothing happens. Someone on my Facebook who hasn't done much is moving there. Life is pure shit.

REALLY?! you know I don't like her and you tell her to be your secretary, REALLY?!

Y can't people just ask b4 that steal your jelly babies?

Fucking hell.
I spend £130 on a leather jacket. Get home. It's fucking ripped in 2 places, and I didn't see. And River Island hardly ever accept returned items, the wankers.
If they don't either give me a replacement, or give me my money back, they're not gonna know what's hit them.

So relieved when it was friday and work was over. Aleady getting a knot about Monday coming around. Now i've got a manager position, instead of clinical work being paramount, it's all about Audits and tick box exercises. When I speak about the patients being our priority,it's like i'm howling at the wind.
If I step down into a lower position, I then don't have the power to flag up errors an effect change.
It's lose/lose and I don't know how much more I can take. If you put everything you have into your work, what's left?

I too, find it annoying taking a dump then all the bits of toilet paper rolling up and sticking to arse hairs.

You call yourself a friend?
you can't blame this on your job, this is way beyond what your job entitle you milicious backstabbing bitch
how could you do such as thing to such a hard working honest person
you have broken her

I wish you were here with me RIGHT now :(

I'm not psychic. if i wasn't told, don't expect to me fucking know.

My second moan is directed at the Philadelphia Police Department and what appears to be their "inconvenience" to have to report to a car accident on the border of Philadelphia and Yeadon, that was clearly in Philadelphia County, due to what seems to be an ongoing jurisdictional dispute with yeadon. Three hours later, they finally showed up. Three. Long. Hours. With two cars in the street. With the sun going down causing a road hazard.

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