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I hate waiting for buses!

where the hell were all you good looking mother fuckers when i was looking for u??

I miss you and no one else but you. Without you everything is fucking up. :(

Leave me the fuck alone. Leave me the FUCK ALONE!
I'm not ungrateful, I'm not a little know-it-all bitch. But in your rants you never stay around long enough to head what I have to say, you never do. So don't start acting as if it's because you care or because you are truely hurt when you are the one who at ever opportunity causes an arguement over nothing, literally nothing. I'm done caring about what you say.

you stupid fucking bitch. get over it. don't give me that stupid silent treatment crap. we're done, get over it, but as long as we're having to work together at least act civil. or quit. fuck.

Serriously, I set up an Amazon wishlist for a reason. You're shit gifts are that reason.

Best friend? Best fucking friend? A best friend wouldn't do what you did and your advice is fucking shit. Bitch

You poisonous little bitch. Rip my family apart why don't you? I hope you rot in hell. I hope you burn for the rest of your disgusting little life, you worthless cunt. Because you're not worth the oxygen you breathe. Though I guess at the same time, you're not worth my hatred, either.
I hope with every fibre in my body, that your worthless body burns, rots, and decays in hell.
I know that I'll come out of this stronger than I went in, but trust me, one day I'll meet you. And I will tell you exactly what I think of you, and what I think you're worth.

I'm not psychic. if i wasn't told, don't expect to me fucking know.

There's only so much you can keep repeating yourself and then get to the point of fuck it. Who gives a shit

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