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I hate the way expenses are calculated. What the fucking hell is wrong with taking your odometer reading as the actual distance you have driven? Surely that's the o-fucking-dometers job?

Grow up, you short-arse cunt.

I can't help shouting at you. There's something about your whole being that just enrages me. You'll ask me for a cup of tea soon and I will become pissed off like the flip of a switch and bite your head off. Just thinking about you pisses me off. It's a real shame we're related.

Fucking cunt

There are far more other means of communication than social media. How about going back to basics

I have *never* sponged off my parents this much. Have some respect for the people who created you. Try and learn how to get a job on your own and pay your own way for everything. You are a drain on your parents resources. I hate how you come and go as you please, leave your dirty filthy items of clothing and used dishes around the house like its a fucking hotel. Stop sleeping all day like its normal, get out and get a fucking job!! This is your home, not your uni accommodation you fuck off to usually. I wish you could see how hard it is without your parents being there for you spoon feeding you. Grow up.

To person A - you're a dick.
To person B - reading your misfortune on facebook makes me very happy, thankyou for brightening my day :-)

Waste of my time

i don't want to be here. i hate this. i feel so uncomfortable.

If a video isn't playable on your website from my location, it would be nice if you told me before you started playing adverts to me, only to tell me I couldn't watch it.

It would be nice if you took a moment and saw where I was coming from. It would dispell (some) misconceptions of me and maybe we would get on better.

Right now it's all me. I thought you were different but you're just like the rest. Albeit wrapped up in nicer packaging.

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