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i don't love you like that anymore.. i don't know if i ever did
i tried

Maybe ask me what I'm doing, before deciding that I'm going over to your friends for fish and chips! Just because I dont go out that often, doesnt mean I dont have a life! You treat your daughter, my sister, more like an adult than me, even though I'm the one with the full time job, working my arse off, while you give her money to go out partying every night.

Talk to me when you have your priorities in check.

I miss you

Oh honey just look at you. You're a total mess!

11PDT and now 4PDT with NEWS... which probably will go on to another Hour... GREAT!

It's pretty lame how Sky+ can record a max of 2 programs without letting you change channel. If you change channel it asks you to cancel a recording :( This might work if you have a house of 2 or 3, but any larger and it starts becoming a prick.

Also can I just say, since Sky got some idiot to swap over the box, the new one has been making loud noises and I'm not fucking paying £80 again.

how much i wish i was even close to being worthy of one such as you. the worst part is knowing the only thing holding me back is me. you're amazing and i know you'll find "him", you deserve him anyway and i'm crazy about you just the same. i won't even be some sad stalker, i'm resigned to losing you when i never had you. x my darling x

I am sick to death of reading the newspapers. The last thing I want to see in the morning with my Tea and Bran Flakes is more fucking injustice.


It's so fucking simple it blows my mind that these ridiculous prick's whims are pandered to.

"oh no, my life is too stable and my career is progressing too quickly. i feel trapped. i'm so unhappy". shut the fuck up.

fuck sake stop trying to use words you think will catch on. ok fair enough using 'buddy' got everyone doing it here. but stuff like 'chap', 'bro', and shit like that just makes you sound stupid. so shut the fuck up.

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