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Dying inside slowly

sorry you had to do one fucking thing for me. inconsiderate much? I do shit for you daily and don't fucking complain.

Sat on my own on the top deck of a double-decker bus and an old man gets on, out of the huge selection of seats available h decides to sit on the one in front of me!

See, this is what happens with Summer weather. You leave all the windows open to let the cool breeze come in, and sleep with them open. Then one day you wake up to see it's not even hot or sunny outside, but cold and wet and you wake up sneezing like a crackwhore :((

i hate life. my life is chocking me. i want to be free but i have no money to support that. i dislike my courses, i dislike the facts that i have to read meaningless text over and over again. FUck CHINY CHIN CHIN and the fat pimpled chipmunk! fuck the fact that some SANTANIST was gonna join the club. FUCK the fact that M kid slept with some random person and puked all over her mom's car!!!!! WTF that girl has problems!! i dislike the fact that i got no money! FUCK Pita!! FUCK Mr. PITA!!! FUCK YOU!! your courses are fucking boring!!!! Whenever I am in your class I wanna fucking commit suicide!!!! I wanna shoot myself!!! rather than to listen to your fucking pathetic lecture about a random fucking article that you found on internet. we paid like 7000 dollars for this fucking education!!! WHAT THE FUCK!! fuck your job!! You don't deserve this JOB!! You SUCK at it!!! ANd dinosaur!!! FUCK YOU TOO!! do you know how hard it was to write a fucking essay about a fucking ebook!! i don't even read fucking ebook!!! I can't believe You BUTCHERED ME and burned me alive!! And..........FUCK dreamweaver!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU!!! ...PEACE <3

You're blocked from my Facebook for a reason dude; you update your status 5 times a second with the longest essays that would put an examiner to sleep, then you start commenting on other peoples stuff with your ridiculous “wisdom” and “wit” that you think is smart.

Failed my driving test. AGAIN. For the 4th time. Think I'll just take the bus now.

There is nothing that gets on my tits like the contrived anger of this moanlog.

Get off my face, get out of my tits, get a life, etc.

Fucking bitch stop screwing me around! TREADING ON THIN ICE!

quit fucking stealing my focus, itunes. i only use you for the convenience of updating the ipod. don't think that just because you crave my attention means that you can steal my mouse and keyboard inputs while i'm searching the web for details that you should automatically know. seriously, fuck off stealing my focus, i'll check you when i'm finished doing half of your work ... you useless heap of shite...

Winamp wouldn't do that to me...

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