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Truth is I would never have given up on you, ever. Despite everything and every flaw I now see, I still saw potential. You gave up on me and us in an instant. Life sucks

What a cheating scum bag hope you rot in hell!!!!!

Sorry for taking time out of my day to call you, dickhead. Sorry I fucking cared.

So you want me to fight your battles, take your shit and disrespect while giving you full respect and freedom to do what you want. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE MOFO!!

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! I have searched, googled, begged--and I still do not understand why you keep breaking!

dont you just hate it when you add someone on fb.. it says "awaiting approval" or something like that..
look on there in a couple days and it is back to "add as friend"
REJECTED a little too obviously me thinks

its not bloody cheating, i'm not going out with him.
why am i keeping it a secret from him then? because i don't want to hurt his feelings!
ahh i cant bloody decide what to do...
but then why should i make a quick decision, he's waited this long so abit longer won't hurt, right?
its harsh but that is not the point

should have known you would have been a needy cow, just like the rest of them.

Considering you admitted you loved and cared for me you sure have showed no signs of it since what you did. How could you be so heartless?

Why the fuck are you coming into my room with sweets for yourself and I when we both need to drop a few pounds, well, you need to drop a few hundred, and it's 10:30PM. The fuck is wrong with you fatty?

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