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*EVERY* *TIME* I look at him I feel immensely proud and a heart-felt warmth. I just wish you were to see him grow up and experience this yourself.

O2 is a fucking pile of shit, the sooner my contract ends and I can switch to a different network the better

5 month anniversary and I can't even see you. I'll see you next year yeah :(

I've never encountered such an entitled moron. Why do I have the misfortune of sharing an office with you? Why me? What have I done wrong in life to deserve this? It's great that you think you're funny because, let's face it, someone has to. Please, PLEASE. Just stop talking. Just for fifteen seconds.

Why did you just wipe your hands on my towel just after you washed your hands after having a shit? Do you seriously think that was ok?

I don't care if you washed your hands properly (you're a dirty bastard, no way in hell did you wash properly), but you have your own towel... contaminate that instead of my beautiful towel.

dear god, we need an angel investor for our company or its the end soon.

stop joining those lame ass facebook profiles, GFY!!

You come to the gym to TRAIN, not sit around using up the benches chatting to your fucking mate about the latest football results for 20 minutes and making other people wait for you to finish!

You really don't help yourself, you know that? You cling to the same people, afraid to meet anybody new for fear of rejection. And it gets tiring, you trying to talk everyday about the same things. I really, honestly, do not care. And then you go back and try and get back with your ex, who you do nothing but complain about anyway. If you eventually do, you'll only break up and wonder where it all went wrong, and then come crying back to me, and I'll have to pretend to care. Again. Please, sort your life out and climb out of this rut you've got yourself voluntarily stuck in.

Thank you so much for asking me how I am. No I'm not in any pain at all you prick.

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