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When you call me please have a reason for calling me. The worst thing in the world is someone calling you and you know they want something but they're seriously beating 'round the bush because they're too idiotic to figure out what they want.

If you want something, phone the right person and know that they can help you, don't waste peoples time and, fuck me this is the worst bit, act all chummy and friendly - I know you're only sucking my dick only to get something.

if i was a cartoon, i would kill myself every morning

Why oh why are the post it notes now stuck together in an alternating way. If i wanted to inpress my office co-workers with something i'd show them my cock.

I can delete you from my phone. From my facebook, and msn. But not from my life. Shit.

once a cunt always a cunt

When you see somebody walking towards you on a narrow path, and you're there walking double-file with your friend.. it should be a natural motion for either you or your friend to move into single-file and allow me to walk past without having to step into moving traffic.

Further more, when you're walking perpendicular to the flow of pedestrians, it would make sense for you to not stop mid-step, because the 'flow' doesn't like having to guess what the hell you're doing.

No idea what to do with my life! Not option 1, that's not gonna happen. Option 2's just fucked up as I realised what I have to do to get there, and that's impossible.
Nothing's impossible? Fuck off isn't it.
Took all the wrong subjects. To do anything.
I don't want to settle for second best, but I can see it happening now.

Why is my manager so annoying! I hate him! He says sexual innuendos that make me want to be sick and pretends he knows it all and that we are best buds! Well he needs to get a grip man up and notice that he makes me hate my day job more then the average person would. FUCKING TOOL

Where the hell do people get off by belittling other people? YOU look like the insecure moron to start, then you tell your friends to copy you just to back you up.

Making someone feel small is about one of the lowest things you could do and shows how petty and pathetic you are.

O2 is a fucking pile of shit, the sooner my contract ends and I can switch to a different network the better

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