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Saw 5 was as disappointing and worthless as the others. If you happen to have money and you want to see something but there's nothing worthwhile watching, buy ANYTHING but tickets to this. If however you are a mindless zombie who can't think, then this movie should be oscar worthy for you.

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! I have searched, googled, begged--and I still do not understand why you keep breaking!

everything you ever said was a lie, you fobbed me off the whole time. pulled the wool over my eyes. never again.

Just as when I was little, I wish someone would just say they love me for who I am and they want to spend forever with me. I'm not that awful am I?

You, white people, will never understand what we, brown and black peoples, have to endure. Do us a favour, stay out of our lives.

Fucking asshole!!! When I find that bell, I WILL break your legs. Try riding a fucking bike when youve got no legs.

Your actions have spoken louder than your words

I was IN BED. As in, the lights shut, me under the duvet, reading stuff on my iPhone until I got a email from you asking me to do something. Lovely.

Put you so high up there above everyone and all you do is let me down time and time again. Why do I bother

I have the carcasses of three deceased Grande Latte's with an extra shot of expresso, on my desk... it makes me sad.

I can tell they're deceased by the way the light passes through them unscathed by the presence of a hot beverage.

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