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Why are some people so lazy that they think its ok to use their car horn to summon someone in a quiet close rather than get out of the car and knock on the door?

what part of Year To Date do you not understand?

you make me want to throw my brand new smartphone against a wall and watch it break into a million pieces. just to see something destroyed.

Stupid cow telling me to shut up, what the hell!

I don't want you...I don't think I do anyway
So why do I feel so jealous whenever there's a hint of you being with someone else and so happy when you tell me you still like me and regret whats gone wrong

Middle lane drivers need to pull over when I'm up their arse!!!

So I'm your best friend when it comes to going to all the shops to find you a beloved wedding dress, which you'd look awful in, and when you need to cover up your hot waxed moustache that made you look even manliest than you normally do but when it comes to going on holiday with me like we had agreed before, it's a no. I would still run after you like a twat because I am not like you. I never will be. Just remember that when he Puts you in awkward situations. Welcome to being a fucking dickhead wife.

Listen, I told you already that I'm not good in relationships. But, we can still have sex. Get with the program and things will be alright.

All I want is the life I long for.

Don't want to go to work tomorrow as i think i have tonsilitis coming on, but i know that if i take sick leave i'll get loads of shit when i get back, we're not all superman.

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