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working with big brother is a pain. Their egos and their un-professionalism is making me crazy. I'll have no teeth (ground) or hair (pulled) left in 2 weeks!

I fucking hate history. Which is why i'm not overly glad my BITCH of a "teacher" gave us this to do in a week. ONE WEEK to write this essay.
With no guidelines. Not having been shown how to set one out, I have no idea where to start.
And now, after spending 6 days developing a very, very loose plan, I have to write it and give it in tomorrow. That might be possible if I didn't need to sleep, eat, or go to my other lessons.
But I do, I do, and I do.
Fuck My Life.

it annoys me when you talk

So i'm your gf huh? Nice to see you remember me when it fits you. Way to make a girl feel wanted.

Don't talk to me, yeah that's what I was trying to achieve as a state of normality.

i honestly don't think men understand what it's like to be constantly judged for your looks.

Clean white tops. Muddy field. Nuff said.

I'd do ANYTHING for you, like a fucking idiot. You warned me of my so called friend and how she behaves but you did the same thing. When YOU wanted something I did it at the drop of the hat despite being fucking ill. All I asked for was one weekend for US, you know, the girlfriend you've been with for over 2 fucking years. Thanks for showing your appreciation. From your second to EVERYTHING.

Well that was a big mistake. Should never have talked about you that one time, because now you won't leave me alone. Find some other friends already, we weren't that close to begin with!

A big fuck you to my coworker. Just because you are older than most everyone else doesnt give you permission to act cool like the younger folks. IF you cant hack it here, fucking get out. All you do is make it more miserable for those who are competent enough to do our jobs right. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

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