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Get off your fucking high horse

It's the new year, and you promised us our coursework to be marked and given back to us by early December. You missed your last lecture, the last lecture before our exams, and now you've missed your own deadline for the coursework.

Do you think I am going to recommend your module to anyone who asks me?

anti-social bastard.
yes i love coming home after a very long day, sitting here whilst you make sure you put your other headphone in halfway through conversation and turning the volume up. but don't worry, as you sit there listening to david bowie on the highest volume, the conversation is flowing well on my side

I just want you out of my life once and for all, you never deserved to have all I had to offer.

Those fucking postcard douchebags. I hate them so much.

Screaming out FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK loudly in your balcony is the best remedy. Its how your mind jerks off and feels peaceful!

Always saw and dreamt of truly madly deeply love but ended up with DIY love. Does it even exist?is it always just one sided? Why do others have to be so"in love" yet I'm just yeh I love you? Does it even exist?

I wish this sore throat that has been haunting me for days could just go away.

Some people need to realise they're not fucking perfect

No... when i say you cant use my phone.. that doesnt mean you can pick it up.. and use it and then drop it.. breaking it.

fucking twat

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