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more lies
and a load of bull shitting

Why park right next to my house so that I can't reverse my car without the need of a stunt driver? There's parking RIGHT opposite the house you I assume you went into which is designated parking, not parking between two driveways like you are currently doing.

Relationships are like glass, sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting them back together, you know?

How can I contain a moan to a few words? A moan is a precious thing, it should be savoured and explained. You can not box a moan in you have to let it free. It comes from the soul. ... Enough of my bollox - for fucks sake Moanlog, I can't moan in three sentences! I am lost

Why dont they do something about that noisy cunt downstairs? Why is the noisy cunt downstairs so fucking noisy? What a total asshole. I'm gonna leave this apt and then Im gonna buy one of those airhorns and then Im gonna come round to his apartment every night at 4am and blast that shit through his fucking letter box. What a total fuck head.

we're not just friends. deal with it.

Actions speak louder than words, words which have also failed you

so i drank some tequila and then I drank some more - tequila-inspired tequila overconsumption. I guess I killed some brain cells the first time around to do this to myself!!!!!

These cat food commercials annoy me.

You know I work. You know I have a full-time job. Why do you call me at 11am to ask me what I'm doing and proceed to tell me about your day?

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