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If I tell a colleage something that I have no formal obligation to share with them (but it would be helpful for them to know), I think I've done the nice, friendly thing by them. If said colleague then decides to tell everyone else in the team while I'm on my lunch break, they have been an utter shit and should be subject to a disciplinary. You BASTARD - who the fuck do you think you are?

I miss you and I know I made a huge mistake and it's killing me. Rewind to February/March and let me start again and do things differently!
Shit, I fucked things up and I'm sorry and I regret everything!

To the dickheads who think the Library is some kind of common room of sorts:


Get the fuck out and let me work.

Note to self: Do not let yourself fall in love with best friends

No... when i say you cant use my phone.. that doesnt mean you can pick it up.. and use it and then drop it.. breaking it.

fucking twat

Why do people speed? I just don't get it. You're not going to get wherever THAT much faster. You may think you look hard or cool, but you don't.

I love driving at the speed limit and watching the impatient idiot behind get frustrated. It's SO satisfying.

Also, I'm saving you fuel and probably a life.

Enjoy this "new" life you have, your true colours will always come out. A leopard never changes its spots

could you please stop touching me? honestly. stop! okay, i know you are still going to sit reeeeealy close to me on the couch, and fucking hum, and smile at me because you aren't fucking touching me. but just stop it. fuck. get. away. i mean it. stop. stop. okay i'm moving away.

Toxic people - they gossip, bully, steal and still are able to walk the earth not understanding the hurt and chaos they inflict. How is this? - how can they not understand or do they just not care?

I just don't get it - there has got to be some pay back coming from somewhere. I would love to see what this would be, surly they have it coming.

If and when their time comes I will bring the popcorn


Yesterday was a complete clusterfuck. Fuck my life.

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