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Non existent until I make an effort.

Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you, you disgusting little slut. Well, breaking fucking news, you can't get away with playing the innocent anymore. Everyone knows what you're really like. It's unfortunate that you had to screw me over for it to come out, but looking back at it I'm sure as hell glad that you did. You cant bat your eyelashes and smile and watch everything come on a plate to you anymore. And by the way, you're really not as hot as you think you are.
Stop trying to act like nothing's changed, because everything has. Sure as hell not the way you wanted it to, but I'm absolutely fucking delighted about it. Because now people see you for the egotistical, fake, disgusting tramp that you are.

You've also put on weight. Buy bigger clothes.

You're a cunt. Never before has the thought of someone in pain actually brought me mental pleasure. But the idea of hitting you with something, right over the back of the head, or seeing you lying infront of a bus that just knocked you down, actually gives me some sick form of enjoyment.
You're a useless cow. You've ruined it for me, for the last 2 years. Because of you, I'm probably going to have to seriously rethink my future. You're a waste of space, a waste of life, and you have a furry face.

Now go run across a motorway or something.

Hide behind your friends.
Go on, do it.
It's not going to change what I know, what I think, or what I feel.

it's really depressing when you've set an awesome new ringtone on your phone, and 3 days later you're still waiting for someone to call you so that it will ring.

i love how i asked you for ages to go to a place i knew you'd like but you end up going with him. i can't wait til you hate being married to him and it's not all it's cracked up to be.

silly annoying bitch

I absolutely hate people that mask their favours in bullshit conversations that at the end of it mean nothing when you whack out the "oh, by the way can you", "oh yeah that reminds me", "when you get a chance"...

The worst are when they ALWAYS invite you over when you KNOW there's going to be something they want you to do.

Another all time favourite is using their children as a reason to come over then they surprise you with something to do for them.

Of course all of this is free and if you even think about charging them you'll be sent straight to hell.

Why do i always have to start the conversation, or make the effort?

Don't talk to me, yeah that's what I was trying to achieve as a state of normality.

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