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Pains me to say this but what if I wasn't made for you.maybe someone else deserves me more than you

A whole year after YOU decided to be a prick and claim against my car insurance for something so minor and you decide to text me asking if I'm ok?! FUCK YOU.

Bastard, hide behind your mummy and daddy, they will save the day again and bail you out as usual. You will never stand on your own two feet and make a go of your retard life. So you wanted to kill yourself? You think I give a fuck? Does that excuse the fact you cheated? Now what? Hiding from your responsibilities, letting you mummy and daddy do the hard work again, for a moment I thought I was divorcing your fuck head dad and not you becuse you're such a pussy!

Why the fuck are you coming into my room with sweets for yourself and I when we both need to drop a few pounds, well, you need to drop a few hundred, and it's 10:30PM. The fuck is wrong with you fatty?

shut up
shut up
Shut Up
why do you feel the need to bring us down into your depressed world?
no it's not reality, the reality is that your getting yourself depressed about all this stuff but you aren't doing fuck all to change it are you?
so get off your fucking ass, come moaning to us when you have actually tried and failed yeah?

Sorry I got in the wrong lane, jesus christ. I had my indicator to go into the correct lane, if people let me through then you wouldn't have had to horn like a 5 year old getting their toy stepped on, who couldn't wait 10 seconds.

Pretty much all my friends can't stand me now. I guess recently I've been a pain in the ass. Even though I've done nothing to them, they all suddenly think I'm an ass, when in reality they're the ones who decide to bugger off for two weeks without saying a god damn word.

No balls, no backbone and you certainly weren't a man neither

Why is there no 'Disallow Results Trying to sell me shit' in the google search preferences? It's so fucking irritating to search for an item and get 2000 fucking pages of 'LOWEST PRICES HERE!!!!!!'

Jesus Christ.

I hate being a woman. Also, I hate feminists.

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