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you're so vain, i bet you think this moan is about you. seriously. get over yourself.

For fucks sake, when you're tidying up your shit do you have to make so much fucking goddam noise you fat fucking heffalump?

you're SO FUCKING IRRITATING. just stop talking.

ok, this guy is really starting to piss me off now.
There's nothing wrong with it.
It's his issue so he needs to shut up and fuck off.

no matter what I do, how much money I spend on you or treat us, I will never be that person you want to marry and you will never admit it

what's the point in always trying to please you when in reality it is hardly ever reciprocated

You ever notice how when you're not looking for something it seems to pop up everywhere and just generally be in your way, then the moment that you require it it is nowhere to be found?

Fucking iPod cable.

why do ppl have to schedule meetings at 6pm? suck.

I really wanted to kiss you today. But I couldn't.

I'm sick of being everyone's shoulder to cry on. Sort out your own goddamn bullshit for a change.

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