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Killed myself to get to the Post Office only to find they had now implemented some bullshit change where you can't pick up parcles after 12:30PM.

Thanks for completely wasting my time and not informing me of the time limits on the little slip of paper you put through my door.

Goddamn I need your vagina...

I spent the whole goddamn weekend working and sending the emails so that we could meet the Monday morning deadline. Did you read them? No. Did you answer them? No. Could I proceed without your feedback? No.

Now it's Monday afternoon and you're pushing me for the amendments that you asked for at 10.30am. To meet the Monday morning deadline.

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

never thought I'd consider you to be one of those guys. you look so desperate darling.

So my University has a Subway, and in this Subway lie the biggest miserable, rudest, greasy, most disgusting pricks I have ever had the misfortune of coming across.

With all respect to dudes in the fast food industry and any man trying to make a living, these pricks take the biscuit.

All they do is make sandwiches, that's it. They're not doing anything else. Where did they get the right to be so stuck up, and obnoxious?

Stick to lining my 6" Hearty Italian with what I say and shut the fuck up.

how many times do i need to say it? if it's not urgent, don't fucking call me at work! send a text!

So I crashed into the back an x reg ford fiesta which was owned by a "friend". I hit her back so it was ultimately my fault. I was in shock at the time when it happened but said I would pay for any damage (as any friend would). You bit me in the back and said to go through insurers. Not only did you ruin what we had as a friendship but you ruined my life for those few weeks whilst your precious car was being dealt with. You decided that your metal piece of junk was worth more than any friendship we had. You made your bed now lie in it. Don't text me after and say "let's not ruin our friendship". I think you'll find *I* didn't ruin anything, you did it all by yourself. I hope you get what you deserve because what goes around comes around.

It's okay, you can just sign out of msn without saying bye. It's not like you leave me speaking to myself before I realise the little yellow bar at the top is saying you signed out twenty minutes ago.
It's cool, I like talking to invisble people. Really.

how can you say that if your bf breaks up with you, that you won't be hurt? I can guarantee that you do not know what love is and have never loved anyone. you are a fake.

There's only so much you can keep repeating yourself and then get to the point of fuck it. Who gives a shit

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