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it's really depressing when you've set an awesome new ringtone on your phone, and 3 days later you're still waiting for someone to call you so that it will ring.

I really cannot be arsed to make the effort any more

dear restaurant,

medium-rare indicates that my steak not be cooked to the likeness of a leather belt. thank you.

You ungrateful spiteful knob bitch. I can't wait til the tables are turned on you. All of your claims are unfounded.

Since when did you turn into such a bitch? This shit ass job of yours has turned you into someone I don't know anymore. Money isn't everything and nor are you.

I'm so stupid. I thought that because you liked me, there was only me. Won't be making that mistake again.

I can't believe it as I sit here now, a handmade quilt I made over 4 months while I was pregnant with my daughter is going around in the washer on a 60 wash. Yes, oh yes, my rancid alcoholic mother in law who I have the misfortune of living with me shoved it in the wash along with her pants.
Don't get me wrong this is not an unfortunate accident, oh no this is a deliberate thing because she is a cruel, selfish manipulative old hag and delights in being as nasty as she can, especially to me.
I need to turn the other cheek, keep my enemy close etc etc to keep my sanity but it feels good to let it out.

I would love it if this wasn't awkward, but it's gonna be.
I mean, it wasn't working. That was clear to both of us.
And it could have gone a lot worse.
But you can't go back to being best friends after that. Not straight away at least.

I can't believe I was fucking right. Argh!! I hate when I'm right.

Where's the snow? :'(

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