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Think outside the box for once

The perfect guy is not the one who has the most money, or the most handsome one you'll meet. He is the one who knows how to make you smile and will take care of you each and everyday until the end of time

I can't stand you, you will never make me into your mole ever. I will never be like you, ever. Your advice sucks and centres around you and only you. Leave me to heal in my way, none of what you said has helped.

You are not getting my attention with what you're doing. It makes me angrier more than anything

Must not text, must not text. This is harder than I thought

You need to know that actions most definitely speak louder than words, so where are you?

Anyone that is in love right needs to fuck right off. It doesn't exist

The one thing that will make this pain fo away is a hug from you. I can't even ask for that anymore

I keep expecting your name to light up my phone

Everywhere I go I see you. There's nothing that doesn't remind me of you :(

welllll i guess there are some shitty cars in here but hell its not my dmeras .more zonda's and skylines less maro's says my dream.

I stand by what I said mock me if you want just cause you are higher up

Pressure selling isn't the same as selling well just because you can mask your bullshit to most don't think you're not going to get fucked over for it

fucking bullshit that you can't handle a tweet because you are in the wrong you cunt

I cant stand you. you are terrible at being a leader of this company. You think you had so much to do with improving the company yet I have been there since the beginning and have contributed to so much more than you ever will. You stabbed a person in the back and took his piece of the company to get to where you are and you are an alcoholic. Get your shit together or move on!

you are your biology. stop fucking pretending like the devil made you do it. if there is a devil, he's got a pretty fucking easy job since you are your genetics plus a compilation of narratives you use to justify all your actions and thoughts based on your life experience. you are your brain. fucking deal with that and stop thinking magical beings influence you. it's not helpful.

Stop being so fucking lazy

Sure make your own fucking plans whilst I run around for you and for your fucking bottles just before we fly out tomorrow morning even after I fucking reminded you that I'm coming for dinner. Made me look like a right fool in front of your parents. Thank you very fucking much. Possibly the most fucked up thing you've ever done.

your broken leg hasn't caused a broken brain. get off your ass and do some work you asswipe. i'm fucking dying here.

How can I contain a moan to a few words? A moan is a precious thing, it should be savoured and explained. You can not box a moan in you have to let it free. It comes from the soul. ... Enough of my bollox - for fucks sake Moanlog, I can't moan in three sentences! I am lost

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