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Living in the middle of nowhere is difficult enough for a student, but when the uni bus decides not to bother with the bus timetable it gets pretty stupid. Also to note; you do not need a fucking 1hour 30 minutes break, the time where everyone has a place to be! And to not bother with any buses on the weekend, now thats really taking the piss.

If I'm walking briskly along, obviously in a hurry to get somewhere, and you wander across in front of me because you're going in approximately the same direction...then that's fine. I am a mature, rational human being, and I can live with another person heading the same way as I am.

But if you wander in front of me and then slow down and/or STOP because you've just realised that you were dropped on your fucking head as a child and don't have any fucking clue where you're going, blocking my path, I am assigning myself the RIGHT to shoulder-barge you to the floor and then jump up and down on your gonads.

Do not fuck with a commuter in a hurry before they've had their morning coffee. Get in my way and you lose your fucking face.

What the fuck is your problem bootcamp?
You've worked before and we had a pretty tight relationship. Why the sudden mood swings?

I worked in Subway for a week.
I was the only first language English person there, including the managers.
They took off my pay for food and for breaks and when I left my pay was a lot less than I was under the impression that I was getting.
Most of what I did for that week was stand at the end taking orders and trying to convey them to the rest of the non-english staff.
For £4.55 ph? No thanks!

So my University has a Subway, and in this Subway lie the biggest miserable, rudest, greasy, most disgusting pricks I have ever had the misfortune of coming across.

With all respect to dudes in the fast food industry and any man trying to make a living, these pricks take the biscuit.

All they do is make sandwiches, that's it. They're not doing anything else. Where did they get the right to be so stuck up, and obnoxious?

Stick to lining my 6" Hearty Italian with what I say and shut the fuck up.

I FUCKING HATE STUPID AMERICAN TEENAGERS!! Who constantly whinge and moan and curse me on xbox life!! fucking cunts !!

Americans are too fat :(

Why do ppl in lifts smells ?

To my parents:
I know you want to check up on me every five seconds, but stop it. And don't idly stand there, trying to read what I posted to my friends. Ask, please, but don't expect an answer. I'm a fucking adult now. And don't annoy me with your stupid ass comments about what the plans are while I'm brawling it out with my friends and OBVIOUSLY DISTRACTED, hence the reason why I'm not staring at your mouth when you talk, and giving NO response whatsoever, except for a randomly placed "uhuh." Get the clue. "Uhhuh" means I REALLY don't care what you have to say right now. I got better things to fucking do.

WHY ARE MY LIPS ALWAYS CHAPPED? And how come I can't stop unintentionally licking them?

what is it about government that makes them absolutely HATE christians? yeah, the only time we were REALLY awful was what? in the early 1700s? we've backed off from our crazy crap, but look at you all now. you're trying to destroy and weaken every part of us! none of us christians, except for those crazy people who shouldn't even CALL themselves christians, let alone be on the face of this planet, are trying to say we're better than the rest of you. seriously. lighten up and don't try to control us anymore. by the way, don't force gay marriage on our kids. they never did anything to you. i'm FINE with gay marriage. most of my friends are gay, but don't over glorify it. you're sure to confuse the hell out of them and will most definitely bring the population down.

I hate the way expenses are calculated. What the fucking hell is wrong with taking your odometer reading as the actual distance you have driven? Surely that's the o-fucking-dometers job?

Grow up, you short-arse cunt.

Why is the fucking weather shit??

Doesn't it just annoy you how when your trying to shag a bird, she comes round half way through :(

I hate how everything less important than my essay has to be done before my essay. Fucking deadlines, sort yourselves out.

If you know you're going be late for a lecture, don't come at all. I mean seriously... the fact that you can't manage time and come in on time probably means you wont even comprehend what's going on in the lecture.

Not only do you let the door slam behind you, you seem to have have a pair of chav shoes which make sounds like they have in-built speakers.

You then sit down, slamming chairs as you go by finding somewhere to slouch and finally fall asleep.

I was really REALLY wishing that University Students were some sort of intelligent, competent, respectable people, with whom I could be friends.

But no.
They're still the same bitching, whining, illiterate, backstabbing, moronic, still apparently 15 year old bastards who think the only way to have fun or get to know someone is to go out drinking until you are ill and if you don't you're socially retarded.

My 14 year old brother behaves better than you do, and you're going on 22.
Grow up.

people at uni that shouldn't be at uni.

clue: if you can't figure out how to work a doorknob, your first priority probably shouldn't be higher education.

Why the hell was that shit so good damn painful. I understand eithier a stinging or burning sensation but both?! That's just fucking retarded.

To the dickheads who think the Library is some kind of common room of sorts:


Get the fuck out and let me work.

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