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Do not come to a lecture only to moan about how long it is going to be. The standard is about 2 hours per lecture, you know as soon as that door closes behind you, the lecture will probably go on for a good length of time.

What's the point in coming and moaning all the time about how long it is, how boring the lecture is, or how you're going to wet yourself because you're a fucking idiot and didn't go to a toilet before.

Your fucking whining is actually distracting and quite an insult to the lecturer. Just don't come if you can't handle grown-up shit.

I hate all of you passive agressive losers. You're all pathetic whiners afraid of confrontation. Grow a pair of balls.

quit fucking stealing my focus, itunes. i only use you for the convenience of updating the ipod. don't think that just because you crave my attention means that you can steal my mouse and keyboard inputs while i'm searching the web for details that you should automatically know. seriously, fuck off stealing my focus, i'll check you when i'm finished doing half of your work ... you useless heap of shite...

Winamp wouldn't do that to me...

If you're going to put the slides of your presentation online but then say they may be updated, for the love of god, please update it. There is no point in students grabbing it if it's different to what they see in the lecture.

Sure it's better than nothing and you can make changes yourself, but who has the time to do that? I'm juggling other lectures besides yours.

You've got the most up-to-date slides, just upload them.

Like seriously man, quit talking shit when i'm trying to listen to The Archers.

a book that the exam board publishes is suppose to be correct in the sense that it will contain all the relevent information and all the wording is correct. But seriously, when you say look at the diagram of something that isnt in the friggin book how the hell am i suppose to understand the question :S.
Perhaps make better books and maybe i will start to understand this shit.

How simple can auto-save be to implement? I just lost about 3 paragraphs due to Apple's "Pages" application (their alternative to MS Word) crash. I know that's not a lot, but it's the principal that counts. It makes sense to have some kind of recovery feature or auto-save. People don't use word processors as a joke and enter text that they're hoping to lose because of your application crashing.

There's a free no-thrills text editor on OS X called TextEdit and this has the ability to save every x seconds which incidentally is free of charge whereas Pages costs $80.

It doesn't make sense to me.

I am sick of doing all the work for you guys. I have my own crap to deal with so do me a favour and grow the fuck up.

Protip: when you're giving out assignments for your students, make sure you outline every single thing you want in clear comprehensible English.

You must a lot of free time on your hands, as I know you will be getting quite a lot of queries from students asking you questions about your fucking ambiguous assignment.

Why did you just wipe your hands on my towel just after you washed your hands after having a shit? Do you seriously think that was ok?

I don't care if you washed your hands properly (you're a dirty bastard, no way in hell did you wash properly), but you have your own towel... contaminate that instead of my beautiful towel.

I hate the fucking blame game that seems to perpetuate my working world. If there's any little error then fingers get pointed. I don't mind being blamed IF it's something I did. I cannot stand being blamed for something that's not my fault but that's something my colleagues seem to enjoy and I ignore that shit.

However. When you blame me for your fuck up and EMAIL the client saying it's my fault THEN expect me to see the client face to face the next day to work on his machines, THEN you are going to get a fucking knife stuck in your fucking head.

Do you think I want to look like a cunt to the people I work with just to save your own fucking skin?


Now how did I know this would happen. The meaning behind team work is each team member needs to contribute to the work. Why am I doing all the fucking work? If a lecturer tells you to contact your team mates, don't fucking wait for someone to make the first move. It's unfair on the guy/gal that's doing the work, effectively, FOR YOU.

There is no I in team work.

why the fuck has my physics teacher given a stupid fucking homework when we did fuck all on it in the lessons. sampling and hearing!? wtf, at least cover some of this shit.
and stupid american physics teacher is being a complete whore saying my works shit. well your american so you can stfu. go hang yourself please

I'm sat in my living room and the fat lazy cunt wife is playing shit music on her laptop whilst i try to watch Coast on BBC2. CUNT.

ok, this guy is really starting to piss me off now.
There's nothing wrong with it.
It's his issue so he needs to shut up and fuck off.

I'm trying to study, well I will in a minute, anyway, there's dickheads left right and center making noises. I've got one dickhead playing music and games extremely loud, and one dickhead downstairs singing and it's coming through the floor.

When I get the chance, I'm going to paper cut you all in your sleep.

You sit behind me and all you ever do is fucking whine. I swear to god you don't seem to know how to do anything other than complain about the world.

How the fuck has no one bludgeoned you to death yet? Do I have to step up to the task?

If you take as long as human evolution to finish your sentence, NATURALLY I'm going to leave your lecture in the middle.

And person who was asking a bajillion questions, you have bad fashion sense and nobody gives a sense about what you want to know.

I wish my fat lazy wife would just fuck off.

Altho some of you idiots dont have lectures at 9:00 am in the morning or not bother turning up at all, Some of us do! Shut the fuck up!

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