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Why the hell was that shit so good damn painful. I understand eithier a stinging or burning sensation but both?! That's just fucking retarded.

To the dickheads who think the Library is some kind of common room of sorts:


Get the fuck out and let me work.

I do not enjoy being woken or waking up before my already early-as-fuck morning alarm.

I wish my flatmates could just refrain from smoking within a 1-mile-radius of the house... hell, not in the living room or their bedrooms would be nice enough!


i wish short people would find a reason to live

i hate the fact im full to the brim!

i wish these stupid adverts would go away

I wish this sore throat that has been haunting me for days could just go away.

I hate how the only place I feel comfortable moaning about my flatmates' behaviour is on here, anonymously, where they will never realise it is coming from me. How's that for a meta moan?

Dear Flatmates,

There is a reason why we have a kitchen fire door. To protect me from you fucking retards.

If you say you're going to come and pick me up in 10 minutes, make sure you come and pick me up in 10 minutes.

I didn't get the memo explaining any changes, so that just makes you a liar. You also carry a phone everywhere with you, which incidentally is permanently attached to your ear, so why can you not ring me and tell me you're running late which allows me to do other things while I wait instead of just waiting for you.

This website isn't social enough... I want to crowdsource moaning

I too, find it annoying taking a dump then all the bits of toilet paper rolling up and sticking to arse hairs.

My second moan is directed at the Philadelphia Police Department and what appears to be their "inconvenience" to have to report to a car accident on the border of Philadelphia and Yeadon, that was clearly in Philadelphia County, due to what seems to be an ongoing jurisdictional dispute with yeadon. Three hours later, they finally showed up. Three. Long. Hours. With two cars in the street. With the sun going down causing a road hazard.

My first moan would've been moaning that I was told about this site but couldn't moan yet since it wasn't completely up. Let me start my second one though.

Being at University. With people that act like Children on E-numbers. When I actually want to learn something.

I dislike the fact that I have no evidence for my thesis and must now pull 10,000 words out of my arse on some fantastical concept that doesn't have any basis in fact.

Well, shit.

Fundamentalist parents = lose at life.

i hate my college.

dear restaurant,

medium-rare indicates that my steak not be cooked to the likeness of a leather belt. thank you.

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