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Exhibit #1068

I fucking HATE this anxiety disorder. I am doing my best to manage it but at 34, it's getting me down. If those fuck-witted homophobes had not made my life hell when I was a teenager then I would probably not be experiencing this shit now. Fuck YOU catholic ass-holes who are still spouting bullshit about my life being 'against family values'. It's my LIFE you child-abusing hypocritical pricks! This prejudice will lead to more young people being as fucked up as I was (and still am, to a lesser degree). I am fucking insulted that the issue of whether I can or cannot marry my partner of 14 years is being debated here in the UK. There should be no debate about it! Marriage may not be for me anyway as I subscribe to the anarcho-queer way of being. However, I'd like the fucking choice! Thank fuck for punk rock.