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I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Although moanlog is not a large community site - nor is it entirely developed from a code point of view - we would like you to abide by a simple etiquette to keep everyone happy. They apply to the all areas of the site, including the blog, moan submission and browsing. They're everyday things that you should all be used to and shouldn't be that surprised with:


There is nothing worse than someone coming over and messing up the stuff you built and there is absolutely no reason for it. Would you like me to come over to your newly built house and set it on fire? The fact that the site is not fully developed does not give the right to anyone to exploit it. (Not to mention Pascal gets bitchy when he needs to recode things).


The site is open and free to use by anyone with an Internet connection. Due to this philosophy, people from all walks of life will come and post. Please respect other people and what they choose to moan about.

Mature Content

Due to the nature of the site and what we encourage of you, it is safe to say there will be some heavy language that is more suitable for mature audiences. Please try and keep your submissions tasteful and descriptive rather than mindless foul language used to convey your message.

Disallowed content

moanlog is fairly open in regards to what people are able to submit, however there are certain things which we have strictly forbidden and disallowed from submission. These are:

Changes to the Etiquette policy

We reserve the right to change this policy without notification as the site is not finished and still under development. We may announce these changes using our Blog or in IRC.