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Do not pretend that you are somebody.. Do you think you are tough?

Mga walang kwenta kayo!!!!

Never known anyone to be so disrespectful

How do I know if you're genuine or not?!

I fucking four letter you :(

everything you ever said was a lie, you fobbed me off the whole time. pulled the wool over my eyes. never again.

Wait til the exact same thing happens to your sister, better still your daughter. Then you'll know how it feels.

Does she know what you've been doing behind her back? Yeh, didn't think so. I ain't nobody's side chick

Urgh nothing. Nothing to do. Or think. I can't even write.

No balls, no backbone and you certainly weren't a man neither

how can one human being treat another so so badly? do you have no shame at all for what you did?

that photo still makes me feel sick to my stomach and beyond. how could you do that?

Your actions have spoken louder than your words

Best friend? Best fucking friend? A best friend wouldn't do what you did and your advice is fucking shit. Bitch

All I want is someone to give me the affection and the attention you didn't have the balls to give to me. But I still miss you or rather the person I thought you were

congratulations, you ruined it yet again.

Where the hell is my miracle and blessing in disguise?

what do you want from me?

I miss seeing that little boy. Now you're gone, I miss him. I never thought that part through.

For gods sake, if you can't say it in person and mean what you say then why do you put it on Facebook? You are fake

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